Shadow creation

In professional photo editing, shadows are used depending on some aspects like lighting effect, size, dimension and edge of the image. Although using blur also adds some more effects to the finalized image. But, adding a shadow effect creates an illusion of the product which has its depth and solidity relationship with other surface.

For any branding, commercial product or print display, a perfect looking image requires some extra features before publishing. This is highly recommended to use shadows. You can either choose to use natural shadow where you will not see much differences with the artificial effect. Drop shadow can be another good choice for product. Mirror effect and reflection shadow also have significant impact on images. Using shadow inside and outside of an image makes the original image perfectly ready for your desired purpose to publish either on digital or print media.

Technical specification

Drop shadow

A shadow adds a great effect on a photo because it’s a realistic like shadow in the background of a photo. Drop shadow is easier to make and it is comparatively a cheaper service.

Natural shadow

When a photo is captured but it doesn’t have the reflection in the bottom of that, natural shadow can be a great option to apply. This is ideal for products like shoes, tables, chair and other furtitures.

Reflection shadow

Reflection shadow is the best option when you are looking for showcasing a product in white background and it creates a fake but real-like reflection of the bottom surface of the product.

Mirror effect

Mirror effect can really turn an image into something eye-catching because it has the same shadow of the real product in the bottom of the product and it increases the attraction of a product.

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