Our pricing

The following price list is a basic guide towards our starting price for each services. But, we look forward to setting up a reasonable price after having a discussion with you. Send us a quite request or you can send us images for free trial. After going through your images, we will get back to you with the estimates.


Clipping Path
Basic $0.39
Complex $1.35
Super complex $3.25
Image masking
Alpha channel $0.39
Hair and fur $1.35
Transparent masking $3.25
Image retoching
Jewelry retouching $1.75
Glamour retouching $3.25
Product touch-up $1.45
Shadow creation
Drop shadow $0.75
Natural shadow $2.25
Mirror effect $1.25
Ghost mannequin
Neck joint $1.45
Product parts joint $2.65
Custom $4.25
Vector conversion
Raster to vector $3
Vector drawing $8
Logo design $25
Color correction
Basic correction $0.75
Exposure correction $3.75
Color conversion $5.25
E-commerce image
Batch resize $0.25
Background remove $0.45
Basic product retouch $0.75

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