Photo masking

Image masking is done with a view to making changes into separate image object with color, filling, shadow and rotation for such photos having much and difficult details.

This is a basic option in Photoshop operations and used to remove background of blurred ends or hair, far portion. Hair or far masking is a challenge in masking that is taken on by the very best in the field. The photographers, web development industries, graphic designers, advertising farms, catalogue companies and many more provide gives out line to our valuable customer.

If you want to create a design for printing, to put in a website or just a work for fun, it is unavoidable to face with various tasks to remove an image from its subject from background.

Technical specification

Layer masking

This is an example of high quality masking and it’s total hand-drawn process from the beginning to the ending. This is used to determine the soft and refined edges of a photo.

Alpha channel masking

This is perfect with the images having a single color background and additional things such as contrast, brightness and colors can be further edited because we keep all those as alpha channel.

Far and hair masking

The images which have fars and hairs are usually much time consuming and it they needs to be perfectly taken care of before delivery. Because, there are a lot of details can be seen in such a photo.

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