Neck joint

Ghost mannequin is one of the most demanded thing for the e-commerce industry, magazines, clothing photography. Mannequins are used for product images which helps your products to hold their shape and dimension, which can make the products on it more attractive to the customers. To be more specific, mannequin are used for the product images instead of using a model.

This is also known as neck joint service. This method allows to hide your mannequin and pick up the image perfectly from the mannequin. The products images are manipulated in fashion industry with the mannequins and later while doing the neck joint to the the images, the original product image is grabbed with various shape, design and effective color matching for both male and female.

Technical specification

Bottom or sleeves joint

Neck joint is an efficient technique to combine front and back parts, long tails of a dress and joining sleeves to make a complete image of the garment product with mannequin.

3D & 360 degree spin images

Showcasing your products in 360 degree is an effective way if you don’t want to let your clients miss any single part of an image. This is mostly applcable for packshoot photography.

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