Image retouching

Increasing an image with better strategies like clearing defects, removing extra lights, cleaning up unwanted dust, sharpening, removing extra borders.

Image retouching is mostly used to repair badly damaged, dull, cracked images. There are lots of ways to recover all these faulty images such like flaws, skin tone etc – the image features from subject matter. This includes removing blemishes, brightening teeth, smoothing skin, fixing documents and letters, drawings which are badly damaged or even removing an unsightly wire.

Retouching is much needed in the photo industry and photographers who require weeding or family photos, Jewellery Items, Photo grasper, Publishing house, Real state companies, Advertising agencies, Business organizations.

Technical specification

Beauty retouching

This is one of the most demanded post-production required by fashion photographers. Beauty retouching includes removing wrinkles, blemishes and spots, smoothing skins etc.

High-end product retouch

This is another effective way to touch up your product images to remove unwanted dusts, lights and reflections, extra exposures, liqufying and straightening images to make it look better.

Jewelry retouching

Jewelry image retouching is one of the toughest job to do because it requires more attentions and details in it like cleaning up dust and other particles, replacing stones and chains.

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