Color correction

Color correction is a useful technique in Photoshop where in the image alteration of different colors can be done. It helps to change contrast, tune brightness or darkness of the image. In case you need to correct any inappropriate or overexposed images such as adding or reducing color, light, darkness, contrast of an image.

A designer has to keep in mind to secure overall tone of the image. This service includes uses using of channels and histogram to identify the areas which need to be alter. Adjustments of White Balance and Curves can be used to change the total effect of the image. Beginners face difficulties to solve problems. Our team is well efficient for this service.

Technical specification

Product color correction

If you have a product and many color variants can be supplied by you then it’s a great idea to pick a product to edit and add different colors in it to make your product display look more attractive.

Fashion color correction

Fashion photography often needs color correction for the clothes, body and skin color. You might look forward to making the clothes in different colors and it is possible with the help of color correction.

Color replacement

This has a huge impact on garments industry and E-commerce business because you can showcase your products in different colors with the help of color correction.

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