Clipping path

This is a method of cutting out specific parts or objects from an image using hand-drawn technique of Photoshop pen tool in order to place them in white, transparent or any other background.

Clipping path is an effective way to draw a certain area of an image to cut out specific portion. While doing the clipping path, only the targeted or required part is taken and the rest are deducted. Last few years, in photo enterprise clipping path is vastly used and enhanced many times. A clipping path not best fit for images both with sharp aspect and smooth edges.

It is expensive to hire a DTP expert in 1st world countries. Our company has found the solution: outsourcing this type of packages for individual and businesses around the whole world. By these services, our client’s time, extra headache and money could be saved. Our company helps world wide organizations/companies with photo editing, background drop out, retouching, image manipulation and lots more services.

Impact on the industry

Clipping path has a huge impact on photo editing industry. From an amateur to a professional, this is always needed if you want to work on the different objects or the background. A professional photographer doesn’t usually like to spend time after editing because he can focus more on his photography skills. Mostly, these type of services are provided by professional image editing agencies.

The initial thing you would start with image editing is Clipping Path. Because this is a process by which you will be able to differentiate your selected part from any image. Basically, this is the key to any further editing skill. This is an essential service for you if you are an entrepreneur, a professional or freelance photographer, an E-commerce shop owner, a photo studio owner or Amazon/Ebay/Shopify product supplier.

Key services

Simple clipping path

Simple clipping path is applied for comparatively easier images like bottles, garments, shoes, ring, ear ring and this process doesn’t take much time to get an image clipped.

Multi-clipping path

Multiple clipping path is necessary when you have some images as group or you are going to extract every object from an image. This is really ideal for clipping E-commerce images.

Background remove

Background remove is another key service from us and this is done in order to bring changes to the background of an image. We also deal with replacing any background , transparent background etc.

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